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Key Words: Enthusiastic * Energetic * Inventive

The Princess of Wands is likely to be a lively, playful person who is eager to experience life and to try out new things. She loves life and is a loyal friend and lover, and often exhibit’s a burning desire to achieve. Her enthusiasm is infectious, but she may sometimes act theatrically or selfishly, using either people or circumstances (or both) to achieve her own ends.

If you have drawn this card it can either refer to that part of you which is outgoing and full of life, or to someone you know or will know in the future, whose dynamic enthusiasm will inspire you to get involved in creative projects. When not signifying a person, this card may represent the initial spark of interest in a project or a relationship, or it can indicate a message or communication, particularly one conveying news about the beginning of a venture. It may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life - a new phase of activity just starting.

The Princess of Wands reversed indicates a person who has become confused or indecisive. There is an interruption in the easy flow of energy, and this may also manifest in disrupted communications, or delayed or postponed journeys. If this card refers to you, look at how you can reconnect to your sources of energy, and whether it is possible to resolve whatever difficulties are causing confusion or blockages. When indicating a person, the card can represent a child who has literacy problems or difficulty with their energy, resulting perhaps in hyperactivity or attention-deficit disorder.
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