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Originally Posted by LRichard View Post
Metaphors can always be overextended, but yes, the tree is 'upside down' by analogy with literal trees, so the lightning goes 'up' from Kether to Malkuth.
'Literal trees' , in the bio-dynamic view can be seen as 'upside down' ... even a whole farm. Okay its a little diff to get, and a few people really baulked when Steiner said " The farm is an entity with its head underground and its stomach in the air" (or something like that)

The theory is that 'digestion' is in the air and intelligence in the soil.

(Just so you dont finally decide I AM really crazy ... if its not too late )

( Its not just a fungus on a root, the 'neural network' ... 'threads' of the fungus not only penetrate between the cells on the surface of a root but a few layers down they penetrate the cell walls themselves so a tree 'here' can communicate and send or receive 'nutrients' and signals to one 'over there' via the 'neural network' in the soil ... well, in healthy soil..
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