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I have probably, a too close relationship with this card. It comes up often when I am doing something that benefits me, but may not benefit the other party involved. (Or maybe I only think I am benefiting...) Sometimes I am aware I am behaving this way, other times it is not so clear. So true, the disconnect Sulis mentions. There are a lot of great observations here!!

crystalwings, I never would have noticed it was two worms had you not said this....

Some additions from me....I am in 2D design class now and there is lots of talk about what vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines mean. Though this card is very active in terms of concept, the background has stabilizing vertical lines. It implies to me that the action has just happened, but is now over. This is totally in line with my experiences with this card.

The inclusion of brown (it's a color!!), and worms, really brings the energy to a standstill on this card. Here is a link to the color psychology of brown (in case someone feels like clicking) that has some ironic things to say in line with this card. Perhaps the choices of nightcrawlers and brown are more ironic than we think?? Does anyone know if brown is present on another card in the deck?
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