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Originally Posted by RLG View Post
One of the problems with the traditional attributions to the trumps is the question of the planets. Using the 22 hebrew letters, according to their attributions in the Sefer Yetzirah (SY), the zodiac and elements pose no problems, but the planets pose some difficulties, as evidenced by the variety of ways they have been connected with the double letters of the Hebrew alef-bet.
I like to shake it up myself sometimes -- see what falls out. For example, there are three virtues and three mother letters, so that's an easy-peasy one -
The three horizontal paths:

Justice - Alef
Fortitude - Shin
Temperance - Mem

The seven letters? Seven Verticals, mmm - let's just take the last seven trumps:

Devil - Saturn - Beit (Kether to Tifareth)

Sun & Moon = Sun and Moon - Kaph & Tau - (Tifareth - Yesod, Yesod - Malkuth)

Tower & Star, mmm - try Mars & Venus - Daleth, Peh (Binah - Geburah, Chesed to Netzach)

Mercury and Jupiter - Angel (the Messenger) & World (that is, Dieu Pater) - Resh, Gimel

(Geburah - Hod and Chokmah to Chesed)

Sun Signs / doubles & diagonals ?

1 & 2 seem mercurial, so Gemini & Virgo, with Angel as ruler.

Emperor and Pope? The lights of the World (the emperor on the ladder of the Moon and Pope on the ladder of the Sun), so Cancer and Leo, with Sun and Moon as ruler.

3 & 6 Venusian, so Taurus and Libra, with Star as ruler.

Wheel of Fortune and Hermit quite Saturnine (as pertaining to time), so aquarius & Capricorn, with Devil as ruler.

Hanged Man & Death --- the greater Malefic is taken, so the lesser, Mars, so Aries and Scorpio, with tower as ruler.

That leaves the Chariot and Fool for Jupiter (World), Sagittarius for Chariot I think (horses and rider - also is a charioteer like the figure in the World card with it wheels of Ezekiel's chariot), so fool is Pisces by default (we end some say, as we began. Also the fool/God (dieu Pater) malarkey. And Yeats.)


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