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Mother Letters - Horizontal Paths:

Alef - Air- Justice
Mem - Water - Temperance
Shin - Fire - Fortitude

Double Letters - Vertical Paths

Beit - Saturn - Devil
Gimel - Jupiter - World
Daleth - Mars - Tower
Kaph - Sun - Sun
Pe - Venus - Star
Resh - Mercury - Angel
Tau - Moon - Moon

Single Letters - Diagonal Path

He - Aries - Hanged Man
Vau - Taurus - Empress
Zain - Gemini - Juggler
Cheth - Cancer - Emperor
Teth - Leo - Pope
Yod - Virgo - Popesse
Lamed - Libra - Lovers
Nun - Scorpio - Death
Samekh - Sagittarius - Chariot
Ayin - Capricorn - Hermit
Tzade - Aquarius - Wheel
Qoph - Pisces - Fool

(The signs follow the diagonals on the right-side from Malkuth up the solar side rulerships (Leo - Capricorn), those on the left the lunar side rulerships (Cancer to Aquarius) as per the ladder of lights.

Putting aside paths, letters, one-to-one matching of sequential orders, what astrological signs & planets would you associate with the trumps & fool on the imagery/meaning alone -- as there are not enough to include all four elements, then how about qualities, i.e., cardinal, fixed and mutable? (Or if using modern astrology, then perhaps 10 planets (or nine without Pluto and Part of Fortune?) and the 12 signs... (of the sun sign associations above, the ones I swap around and am most uncertain of are Aries/Pisces Hanged Man, Fool -- in some ways I prefer Fool to Aries and Hanged Man to Pisces.)
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