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Steampunk Tarot Empress III

I got a very protective energy from her. Showing the power she holds, even though she is becoming heavier with child, she shows us that she can still protect her priorities.

She is surrounded by wealth and comfort, and well cared for - yet she shows me that none of that would matter if harm came to her child. I looked at her face closely, and it gave me the feeling of "you are a stranger, are you friend or foe?", and proving her magickal prowess with the yellow spark.

The card is asking yourself what your priorities are, what are truly important around you? What would you die to protect, and is it truly worth it?

She's also a figure of transformation from Maiden to Mother, and she makes it appear flawless when it's not always easy.

This is what I wrote for this card:
This is me when I feel insecure and dominant around people I don't know, I'm guarded but I still command respect from around me.
This is a reminder that I should ask myself what my priorities truly are, and are they worth protecting?

And if someone is asking whether or not they're pregnant - this card could be an indicator of the answer, depending what it's paired with.


I lost the book that came with my deck, and this is my first time really REALLY studying them, so I'm following my gut first and foremost, and looking at clues from elsewhere. Seriously wish I had that book though ><
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