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I would love to do this again - you learn so much even if you end your study early. I've never managed to finish one yet, well the Liber T sort of ended but then went to the next level, but you find out at the beginning if you have a deck that will keep your interest.

When I did this study with the Liber T, was only supposed to be for a year but 8(?) years later and I never moved on and I used to be such a deck hopper. I'm still learning about the Liber T and I don't think I will ever tire of this deck.

But... I now have a couple of RWS's that I really like, I've never took to the colouring of the other RWS's so have never done a complete study of the deck but now with these new recoloured versions I'm feeling the need to get to know the RWS, especially after all these years. I think I might limit myself to 3 months to start with and see how I get on. I'll post dailies and do card studies and just go from there. (With the Liber T watching from the sidelines )
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