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I agree, Flavio. Those flowering rods always make me think of Spring, which is not a season I normally associate with fire. In fact, there are very few seasonal cues in this deck--Rods, Cups, and Pentacles all seem to have similar imagery--everything is green and flowering under a blue or pink sky. There are a few bright suns in Rods that *could* indicate summer. There are some grapevines in Pentacles that could be associated with autumn, and Cups has lots of flowers and garlands--but nothing really obvious.

I personally tend to associate: Rods/Fire/Summer, Cups/Spring/Water, Pentacles/Earth/Autumn, and Swords/Air/Winter. That's just the way I first learned the tarot.

However, I can mentally associate both flowers and fire by considering them as the 'budding' fire of passion and creativity that this suit is known for.
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