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Oh, well.

Actually iirc (and I may be misremembering), the layout for doing a deck is only four images across, which is narrow enough to be intended for something other than a plotter, unless the layout that you see on screen from the internet is quite different from how the cards actually get laid out on the sheet at their end. Which, when you think about it, really is more than likely.

For example, the Tarot deck layout comes in four long columns. I laid mine out (my personal decks include the opener card shown on my website. I didn't include that one in the archives for download) with each suit in a column. The finished cards came stacked in order *by suit*. Now, just how likely is it that the sheet is first split into long columns and the cards assembled from those? No, what you see is probably something quite different from what gets sent to the plotter. There is some invisible (to the customer) algorithm that the job goes through first.
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