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Chances are that if you are going to create a single deck only for your own use that you already know the card meanings you attach to the cards you've generated, so there is no need to pull out the ink & goose quill.

Let me relate this true story:

Once upon a Tarot Time many years ago during the First, first Bush Administration, I actually had someone rather naively quote me a price so cheap to produce PC images for a tarot deck that I should have jumped on it right then and there. However, I thought 'What good is having card designs if I can't get them printed?' So I immediately started contacting legitimate card publishing companies. One of them - which I even spoke to on the phone - asked me if the deck 'had a book' to which I responded - 'It could - why?' They responded that a publisher that has a deck AND a book can sell the deck separately, the book separately, and the deck & book together AS A {boxed} SET - which increases profits. This is how I started writing what became my first (and best-selling book) - even though the deck itself never materialized.

Back to the thread:

No one is asking you to become the next Ernest Hemingway. However, if you choose to create some really original artwork and you intend to try to sell it commercially - you may need some sort of LWB (Little White Book) to go with your deck, even if it only has one or two sentences for each card. To make your deck saleable you have to make it usable. Unlike Monsieur PIA a few posts back who declared "I am an artist - they will have to figure out the meaning for themselves!" - no one is going to buy a deck of cards which bear no recognizable images and be told - "The cards mean whatever you want them to mean." {Exception: The Arcane Bullshit Deck works exactly this way - but it's so far off-the-wall that written explanations for 'The All-Seeing Slice of Pizza' would get in it's way.}

If you go the TGC route - you can create a booklet (adds to the cost), you can create 1 or 2 pages of text that can either be printed and folded into the box (adds to cost - but is cheap), or you can have a PDF download that the purchasers can download and print themselves (no cost to add to your deck). In this way - if your Three of Wands card has a floating eyeball, a UFO, and a Conestoga Wagon wheel on it - the purchaser at least has your explanation to fall back on - as weird as it is.

Think about it ...
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