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.... and you are all expecting me to add '....probably not!'

And my answer is:

"Probably not."

Technically - I have only designed one deck in two different versions. It arose for a reason and I followed through for that reason and I have the two versions for that reason. There was a lot of work behind-the-scenes before this deck started. First was becoming male-centric and not female-exclusive. Secondly, reimagining cards to fit that viewpoint was a challenge. Creating a central male figure for each suit instead of just putting random men in the deck was also a large consideration.

And of course - producing a colorized version of it was a bitch in itself! It has taken just about a year to reproduce the images in full color.

Unless I could find another 'artifact' - as I think Stephen King refers to it in his 'On Writing' - where you find the one thing (the 'hook') that causes you to create whatever it is - I doubt I will do another 78-card Tarot deck again. {There is a totally illegal Majors deck based on a certain movie - which I can't discuss! }

I am still on the wall about creating two versions of anything; however, yesterday someone contacted me because they were looking specifically for a B/W deck, so even whenever the color version is up and running I will always have the B/W version available as an option.
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