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Originally Posted by Babalon Jones View Post
And then Tarotbear, I hear you saying you are starting with your black and white deck, and coloring it, and how much you dislike that process...
Thank you for joining in! So far it's only been JOdel and me! I was expecting a lot more input from everyone on AT who has produced a deck, but I guess I was mistook in that regard ...

I dislike it because 'there has to be a better way'; I have compared MS PAINT as trying to duplicate the Sistine Chapel Ceiling with a Q-Tip. Unfortunately, all I have is MS Paint and changing to GIMP or something now means the possibility that things won't match. (I really do wish PAINT had layers - I've done some cool skies but without a layer, trying to get cloud shading to show through 10 Wands is a PIA!)

I won't deny that the colorization changes the cards dramatically - but they were designed and drawn as non-colored images and as such they have a certain power unto themselves because they don't have a dramatic storm sky in the background to reinforce the image.
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