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The backs - A pleasant Surprise

I mentioned this briefly in the tarot gods thread but wanted to elaborate here.

Normally I dedicate any new tarot deck I work with to The Goddess, as the divine creatrix, sum of all life, etc. but I felt that for the gay tarot that I was awaiting I would try something different.

I have spent some time learning about queer mysteries and mythology and I had connected with Khonsu (Chons, Kensu) as a guide in this arena. Here s some info about him from

The Egyptian god of the moon, son of Amun and Mut with whom he forms a triad at Thebes. As the 'master of time' he is sometimes identified with the god Thoth. In human form he is depicted a young man in the posture of a mummy with the child's side lock and the curved beard worn by the gods, but also with a full moon and a crescent on his headdress.

The reason he resonated with me as a Queer One was his association with the moon (rare among the boys but not unheard of), his association with youth, being a wanderer, etc. I don't think this would have come up at all for him in ancient Egypt and I don't want to suggest for a second that I think that his cult would have found anything particularly queer about him. This is just me working with him as an archetype. I corresponded with some men in the Minoan Brotherhood and found that there are a few others who work with Khonsu in this way.

Also his association with Thoth makes sense for a tarot guide.

So I put together a dedication ritual, the cards arrive I take a look at them and wham there on the backs is an image that looks very much like my modernized version of Khonsu. Somehow in the months of looking at scans online I had never noticed the card backs, though I'm certain they must have been shown on at least one site.

I was very happy and things have gone well so far in this arena.

Lee, what were your thoughts for a card back? Did you get much input in this area? I now most LS decks just reprint one of the cards four times on the backs but yours have a totally new image.
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