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Smile dreaming in colour.....

mindy, this deck is absolutely stunning and has gone to the top of my wishlist!!
i came accross your deck while doing a google search about 2 weeks ago. i clicked on it out of curiosity and instantly fell in love with your rainbow coloured images!!!!!
i joined a meditation group in october and have experimented with different visualisations but i'm sure i'd get astounding results doing colour therapy with your cards! it's true to say that actually i've been dreaming about holding them in my hands for the first time!!!
i checked your website again the other day and read about your plans for little purple boxes and tarot bags and can't wait to see those!!
i'll be ordering after christmas and know i won't be disappointed. i just wanted to compliment you on your amazing deck!!
love and best wishes for success with your tarot/oracle,
tinkerbell xxx
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