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The backs are incredibly elegant. As I posted in the forum a while back, the card backs are one of the most vital factors that lead to my continued interest in the deck, or even determining whether I buy it at all.

Since the Gay Tarot was an anticipated deck, I'd have to go with whatever back it had. And to be completely honest, I'd been expecting worse. The card back is kind of a one-page summary of the entire deck. Before I'd even known that only LS was responsible for the designs, I hoped to all be damned that Lee would play some part in the card back. I feared at worst the company would make something highly sexualized for a gay tarot, at best a repeat of the Lovers or Moon card. Maybe I'm superficially biased, but it was a worry.

Luckily it didn't happen. As gay, diviner and astronomer, I loved how all three came together for the back. It's a subtlely powerful image of the individual's abilities to look within a window to the self. I'm really glad they chose not to two-tone the design either as the glowing moon is a great touch.

I use these cards in sync with the Universe Cards space oracle deck and the design makes for a great combination to link the two.
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