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The Ace of Disks is a bit of a puzzle to me, a paradox. The Labrys, seen here resembling a hooded snake, represents the labia and according to the companion book, is the final doorway to exit the Labyrinth. In other words, birth into a physical body is the escape. It seems contrary to the popular notion that it is our physical bodies that limit us, that the soul's release from the body is when we truly experience liberation. However if we think about the other suits, the other Aces, they have desires without action, ideas without movement, and longing without a means to express it. The physical body in the Ace of Disks becomes the first opportunity to end the confinement to the head or the heart or the soul and actually DO something about it. The body becomes the tool to manifest the other three elements. Is freedom getting out? Or is it going within?

The markings around the doorway are described in the book as an inscription about, "As within, so without..." etc. They appear to just be Roman numerals, and relatively small numbers at that. They may only go as high as the numbers of the Major Arcana. It occurred to me that they could be a code of sorts, maybe a cipher that could be used to crack the numbering around the rim of the Sun. The numbers are so different though, it would probably be fruitless.

The idea of monstrosity, I think, depends largely on point of view. To the Minoan people, a man-eating Minotaur would qualify. To the minotaur, a Labrys-bearing, bull-sacrificing and (I'm assuming) beef-eating populous would be the monsters. In fact the myth of the Minotaur may have developed as the result of a priest wearing a bull mask or head overseeing the tributary sacrifice of young male and female Greeks. My searching for information on the Minotaur also led to my learning of the horrifying Brazen Bull apparatus, which is many levels more disturbing the anything you can find in this supposedly 'dark deck'. Time and time again I find that the real monsters are humans.
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