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Originally Posted by MR GREEN View Post
So do I go with Knights = fire Queens = water Kings=air Pages=earth. And Wands=fire Cups=water Swords=air Coins=earth. From the above then it seems like Crowley's system makes more sense even if I am using the RWS deck..
Yes, except it isn't Crowley's system, any more than Waite's is a system in the first place. Crowley presented the original Golden Dawn doctrine on the matter, because he just didn't see himself bound to the old oaths of secrecy. There are several reasons for this, some making sense, others a bit less.

Waite, on the other hand, did take them very seriously. He couldn't not have Courts in his deck, so he allowed himself, as LRichard put it, a bit of subterfuge. In the context of the RWS, this is understandable, since its aims were far less ambitious than the Thoth. In the big scheme of things, people were supposed to pick up the RWS as a simple fortune-telling deck, and he didn't anticipate deep study. He may not have thought anyone would be interested in such things. Today the RWS is iconic and is dissected ad nauseum, but he couldn't have anticipated that that was what would happen.

The question could be asked, though, why the Courts? There are many GD secrets strewn throughout the deck, and they are displayed plainly, even in the ordering of the Trumps. So why?

In any case, how this manifests in the meanings themselves is interesting. The Knight is the force of his suit, he is blustery and lacks sophistication. All he wants is to hurl his spear and rest. The King (Thoth Prince) is the more sophisticated one, having the action of his father tempered by the passivity of his mother. The idea of the Prince/King being immature certainly has merit, but it manifests in pride, snobbishness, etc. I'm generalizing, of course, but that's the general idea. Element of element is a small part of the Courts' picture, and is quite limited in its application.
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