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Thank You FLAMES!!!

Just letting you know that I received my package today and it was from FLAMES.

Thank you very much....all excited as I was opening it.

BTW: I think Customs may have opened it as it was not sealed and opened at one end.


Love the purple colors you selected for the table runner and shawl. Love them both and plan to use the runner on my table. Very tasteful and well selected.

As for the Halloween items, the erasers and pencils are just adorable, I plan to share them with my little 3 year old niece and 8 year old nephew as I have not seen things like that here. In fact, Christmas stuff is already being put up! And... I want them to love Halloween as much as I do. So, I will save those little things for them, as I know they will think they are the cats whiskers.

As for the Halloween candy....mine all mine.

Also, that goes for the pampering products, Zinger (Head Massager) and Incense sticks that I plan to put to good use. The Hawaiian Flower one has really got my curiosity.

If I can find the energy I might take some photos and put them up later. Will see....

Thanks again and Happy Halloween.
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