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Will look later, but I dont recall Rose Salts.

Soap I cant use due to sensitive skin, and didnt expect something like that to be sent. But what is done is done.

Did try one Halloween eye ball and although gimmicky cool not for me, so am going to see if there are any kids at a BBQ Im going to tonight and let them enjoy the candy.

Did get the orange ? and wondered what it was ~ unless BHA free that will not be doing very much Im afraid.

Will look again when home for the rose salts

Thanks for letting me know

Originally Posted by Flames View Post
Hi DownUnderNZer!

I am so glad you received your package...<sigh>...I was soooo worried. I hope no one tampered with your package!! There was also a lemon/lime soap, rose salts, and an olive oil foot soak...oh yeah, and a pumpkin ice tray (I thought it was cute)....Please tell me you got those, too? I am glad you like your gift! Yay!

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