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Originally Posted by Hexi View Post
I am in the midst of uploading a new Third Edition Pearls of Wisdom Tarot through Game Crafter. It should be available in the new year. I am going to offer both a Jumbo and Poker sized deck and a variety of sizes of booklets from a small one with Pearls of Wisdom for each card, to a larger one with write ups and an alphabetical listing of the symbols used. I will also have a majors only Jumbo deck with guided meditations coming soon as well.

This was the best way for me to go, having control of the images and printing and fans can order directly from the printer shipping directly to them. I will keep everyone posted as to when and how to order the cards.

In the meantime, you can get prints of all the images, in amazing detail, shipped directly to you at

Cheers Hexi
Hi Hexi,

GREAT news that you are self printing. Just want to let you know about another self printer with awesome options and fabulous card stock.

Here is their page showing all kinds of their template size options!

I know there are advantages to both options. Gamecrafter does have a big disadvantage in that they are INSANELY EXPENSIVE shipping out of the USA. I believe I read that sometimes international shipping can be MORE than the cards. Gregory here at AT is well informed if you want to ask her. She feels that very limited international orders will generate from Gamecrafter because of prohibitive shipping costs. Their card stock is good, but sometimes their plates shift and image placement on the card varies. I believe Tarotlyn had problems with her All Bears Tarot. I may have even read that Tarotlyn is now using PrinterStudio for her Lenormand decks. does have AWESOME card stock, and lots of options. I believe you can order a bunch printed at once to get better pricing, or one deck at a time can be ordered and drop shipped. I don't know all their options on drop shipping individually printed decks.

There are more threads here at AT on self publishers and each of there pros and cons if this is something you might want to explore more deeply.
Heck, maybe you want to upload to both Gamecrafter and PrinterStudio to compare what finished product feels best to you?

Anyway, BEST WISHES on getting your new edition printed and being self sufficient now that the 1st and 2nd editions are officially out of print!

Since today is Thanksgiving here, we are thankful you are moving forward and giving us your art in a new edition!
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