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Originally Posted by contrascarpe
Not to bring gender into the mix, but has anyone else experienced this?
Oh yes, definitely. I don't think it's a gender issue, it's that old human experience issue.

Hate, Anger, Withdrawal and Journey. Anyone notice how different the Journey card is? It's fuzzier than the rest, more monochromatic. At the minute I am finding it deeply fascinating in conjunction with Withdrawal.

Plus it's green, I mean how perfect is that?

That fuzzinees sort of gets to me. The disturbing horizontal hold of the Journey card and rain and things dripping and rotting and the smell of green vegetation and pretty soon the bacteria comes. It's the dark side of human experience and your head comes up and you're sniffing and then dropping to your knees and crawling around hearing the insects burrowing and those giant crayfish coming up from the bottom of the water to bite you with their radioactive green teeth, and somewhere, somewhere, the mastadon is on the move again and you are a Paleo-Indian scenting, scenting, head moving with disturbing images in your vestigial brain and you turn to look into the dead cold eyes of a scimitar cat, the stabbing teeth dripping green saliva.

Yeah, there's a story in that one.
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