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New contest: winner gets a free deck!

I am noticing a lot of die-hard tarot people are buying the deck and telling me the same thing, "I don't usually go for oracle decks but.." That's really nice to hear. Truly, though, the deck really is neither oracle nor tarot; it needs a brand new term and I have been unsucessfully scrambling to come up with one. So maybe you guys can help.

If anyone is familiar with the deck and has some ideas for a new word or term that describes a whole new genre, I would love to hear them, 'cuz "tarot" and "oracle" really don't describe it.

People with ideas can submit them through the contact form on my website, and the winner will get a DIC deck.

(Lark......thank you so much for that post. You made me smile a mile wide. I am thrilled you are enjoying the deck.

(Hi Asher Your order went out and I am looking forward to your impressions while working with the cards. )

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