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I've written here about my Saturn return a number of times as this topic seems to be high on everyone's list and keeps coming up. Great times. Mind you, first you have to look what Saturn rules in your natal and how he is aspected or aspects other planets and which houses they rule. Without a disection of the natal, there is no point going further because the natal promise does matter a big deal.

Saturn rules my Ascendant therefore it makes sense that his transits are important for me (they are), they are felt strongly (they are), they actually do bring events in real life (they do), and they are often related to new beginnings (1st house), me (1st house), body (1st house), oppose the rest of the world around me or put me in a position to weigh Me vs Others (1st/7th house), conflict with my own way of doing things (Saturn square Sun/Uranus), bring emotionally responsible situations to the front (Saturn conjunct Moon), etc.

Having said that, Saturn return played from about 29 to 31 (I do not consider the return being in play months or years prior and after, it doesn't fit my understanding of astrological orbits). The most prominent job I've had in my life, huge responsibilities coming with it but also big pay, bringing lots of new people, new countries, travel, exploration, learning new things, progressing professionally a lot. Further down the road marriage and a pregnancy with all their responsibilities. Overall, probably one of the best times I've ever had. As usual with Saturn - takes a lot of patience, discipline, follow through, not give up, perseverance, etc. All Saturnian qualities.

I don't believe you can force things during Saturn transits. This is the Lord of Time. He rules. You can (and should) hang in there and grasp every chance he throws your way, even if it looks scary.

P.S. The transit over my Sun was actually quite testing but again, if you hang in there, at the end there is a reward. And check your bones/teeth.

P.P.S. Saturn and Mercury should not be compared, IMHO. Saturn's lessons are lifetime lessons. Mercury is... passing influence which no one will notice if they don't have him influential in their chart. I do have him influential and I've never even noticed when he is retrograde. With Saturn, though, this wouldn't work.
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