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so, reading about it both on google and also the stories here in this thread, it seems that when you are born, Saturn is in your chart and depending on where it is, it can be good or bad. When it returns for you--every 30 years give or take a few years, again, it can be good or bad--but its always in a major way by the sounds of it. Not just that you'll have a good day or even year--but its a MAJOR happening in your life.
Good and bad are relative terms. Saturn teaches lessons. How you take it depends on your perception. And it matters which house he rules in your natal chart.

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So, will Saturn be once again in the same exact spot for me when I am nearly 60, as it was the day of my birth? It was in Sagittarius 12 degrees the day/time of my birth. How do I search to see what this meant for me my first 30 so years? How/what do I check for to determine how it possibly will play out again for me at the age of 60? I was just googling Saturn in Sagittarius at 12 degrees, but didn't get much from what was turning up.
In order for it to be a "return" (not only for Saturn but for any planet), yes, they have to come to their natal position. How it will play out you will find out when you start from your natal - what he rules, his aspects, and his house. Then check transitis, I'd also check progressions, relating solar returns - the whole picture.
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