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ah, okay. thanks, Ronia. I'm 'learning'.

so, at the time of my birth, Saturn was 12 degrees in Capricorn--NOT Sagittarius, which I counted wrong and is actually in my 8th house, if I am doing this correctly. (There are 12 houses, and I was born in October, so the rising sign is my first house, correct?)

see, I told you, I'm a complete newbie and ignorant on this stuff!

anyway, I counted incorrectly before, and just realized it, so that Saturn is 12 degrees in Capricorn, which is the 8th house in my chart. So, do I look at what it means for Saturn to be 12 degrees into Capricorn, or do I look to see what it means for Saturn to be in the next house, which would be Leo? The one site I went to, so I could 'learn' about Saturn mentioned something about paying attention to the house it is going into next. That would be my 9th house, which happens to be Leo.

So, am I totally hopeless here and should give up before continuing to google anymore, or am I on the right track and should look at Saturn going into the next house from where it appeared for me at my birth?
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