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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
Solar arcs??!!

what are those, please, junethird? I have heard of asteroids, but never of solar arcs. how do I find these in my chart, (I did the freebie chart at astrolabe.

I'm more and more confused as I try to move forward.
As Junethird said the is a predictive technique. So it's not for beginners. You don't really need to bother with it now. But for information, since you asked, Solar Arcs are a symbolic method of prediction. You move all the planets in your natal chart forward by the same amount as the Sun's daily travel for each year of your life. That is the symbolic part, the day for a year of life.

So, keeping to your first Saturn Return, if you are 29 years old, you count forward 29 days from your date of birth and look up the Sun's position for that day. You then cast a new chart in which the Sun occupies that new position and all the other planets are then moved forward from their natal positions by exactly the same amount as the Sun has moved.

You will then have three charts for consideration; your natal chart, the Saturn Return chart and the Solar Arcs chart. You would then use all three to consider the conditions applying at the time of the Saturn Return.

In Solar Arcs the planets that are slower than the Sun will be moved forward by a greater amount than their actual travel over that period (which is what is done in another symbolic technique - Secondary Progressions). Planets that are faster than the Sun may well be moved forward less than their actual travel (especially true of the Moon).

As I said ,this is something you would only bother with when you are confident in reading a natal chart and have a clear idea of the basics of Astrology. Don't worry about it now.
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