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Originally Posted by kvatcha View Post
Hi, Minderwiz
I just started to look in this thread you devoted so much time from what I see.
I want to ask at the beginning: what is your source for Schmidt's theories and rationales? I ask because he is a highly developing person and I've seen him state in several places that his theories transform very often the more he ponders about the Greek texts. So this might be important. I know he made few big changes prior to PHASE conclave in 2007 when he just made the translation of Antiochus, don't know how many new if any, later on.

Best wishes
Much of what I've used comes from his own articles on the internet but I accept that these span his early years. I've also used notes and articles by Curtis Manwaring who is the author of Delphic Oracle and both a student and collaborator with Schmidt.

Lastly I've used the course material and also the blogs and podcasts of Chris Brennan, including a conversation with Robert Schmidt.

As you say, a working Astrologer's views tend to change over time, sometimes radically as in the case of Rob Hand, but usually incrementally. So I recognise I'm not bang up to date on those changes.

Also I started the thread as a means of helping me in a learning process. So my knowledge was definitely sketchy at the start and I often think it's not that much better now LOL
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