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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
Much of what I've used comes from his own articles on the internet but I accept that these span his early years. I've also used notes and articles by Curtis Manwaring who is the author of Delphic Oracle and both a student and collaborator with Schmidt.

Lastly I've used the course material and also the blogs and podcasts of Chris Brennan, including a conversation with Robert Schmidt.

As you say, a working Astrologer's views tend to change over time, sometimes radically as in the case of Rob Hand, but usually incrementally. So I recognise I'm not bang up to date on those changes.

Also I started the thread as a means of helping me in a learning process. So my knowledge was definitely sketchy at the start and I often think it's not that much better now LOL
I presume all accurate except the last statement. I believe Minderwiz is far ahead of most in his understanding. The work that Curtis M. and Chris B. have done is exceptionally helpful but do not miss reading Minderwiz's posts.

I will get back to this thread shortly. One project is winding down and I may get to stay in my current residence for a while.
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