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Originally Posted by MCsea View Post
I LOVE this symbol, its my Chiron (natal) and I had no idea how to interpret it.. till I saw the night the Pope died and well - Saint Peter's square in particular with the artificial lights lit up bright on one side... it was a OHHHHHH moment the darkenss with the light, knowing there was MORE in the 'space', that it held form.. for me, it was a place of focus and light healing and spiritual 'opening'..
Ok thats hard to explain.. it was a beautiful expression of this symbol anyway

Dr Marc Edmund Jones says the keyword is SET
and genuine self direction...

I find people with this symbol tend to 'BOX' things, in a venus placement it is your relationships, Jupiter its money in the bank.. they wait till someone else shines the light on it before they 'see' their real worth..

This post is so many years old, Marina, but I also have Chiron in Aries 6. I found this thread looking up the meaning. Thank you so much for sharing your insights, I have really not been able to understand this aspect. It is an a-ha moment! Light, spiritual healing that is present and that still shines, emerging from darkness.
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