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5 of swords - Wild Unknown

I like everything that has been said about the 5 of swords. The five swords going in many directions felt like someone that performs erratic actions because he or she is not clear on what he or she really wants. Ultimately this ends up splitting oneself in two. The guard on the hilt of the sword that seems to have cut the worm in two is an increscent moon which I see as an overactive mind. This overactive and incisive mind is what causes the split between the lower and higher centers of of energy in the body.

Someone mentioned that when worms are cut in half only the side that contains the brain and the heart grows and the other dies. From this perspective I see this card as using the intellect to cut that which does not serve us and has to die so that we can continue to grow. We will grow in places where the heart and the mind are fully focused on.
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