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Lovely to read the chatter here. And thanks to the original OP - who gave me that extra "umph" of motivation to set my alarm and wake up at 2.30am. All-the-while wondering if it would be clouded over - and if it was a REALLY bad idea because I'm rather exhausted presently.

I was sitting on the floor in my home office with the window open watching the moon.
And I did a Tarot ritual. The 3 Majors for the 3 planets (Sun, World, Moon), the 4 aces representing the 4 quarters (I'm Wiccan), a chant that came to mind at the time ("Air and Water, Fire and Earth, All four quarters form my birth" - a song by Heather Alexander), and a spell with 3 parts to it, which quite handily corresponds nicely with the 3 days of the full moon. 2 tea lights - one in a transparent holder (represents white) and one in a red one.
Spells were burned to a cinder outside the window whilst being held by my makeshift tongs - my longest pair of red-handled scissors (another happy co-incidence).

Ritual always leaves me peaceful and satisfied.

My day today - has been... surprisingly interesting.
I wait to see if these "interesting times" will continue in a kind of "after the spell and experience" fashion...
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