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What was your worst Tarot reading ever

I have just had my worst Tarot readings ever

Reader spent ages looking at the Ace of Wands but could not make out what it was

Eight of cups: miss counted number of cups then stated more cups are lying down than standing means I do not drink too much (tea total)

She could not read any of the other cards in the circle

I asked her what the deck was called and she did not even know so I told her it was the Gilded Tarot. I think she must found it in a car-boot sale

Strangely enough she did not charge me any money

I tried another reader who decided to tell me there were 2 men trying to get in touch with me. When I told her that I did not know anyone by either of those names she told me they are connected to other members of my family

Told me my family had strong connections to Ireland and Scotland. When I said no she told me other members of my family were strongly connected

When she told me how much my mother had suffered living in poverty and hardship all her life, I found it hard not to laugh

I did try playing along with her but she was trying to twist everything so that if I did not agree with her then the situation was connected to my family

Not sure why she insisted on trying to communicate with the long departed as I had asked for a card reading not a seance
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