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My worst reading was an e-mail reading from Biddy Tarot (free reading in exchange for feedback). Not that much made sense in my situation, didn't feel like it was about me at all, and it also felt very short and based on very standard meanings (ugh...).

So I replied to this reader pointing out the parts that were correct and the advice I found helpful of course, but I also chose to point out that “this and that really doesn’t seem to reflect my thoughts on the issue though. I actually feel much more negative towards this person than your interpretation is saying.”. The reader wrote in a snappy tone something along the lines of “Well, fine, if you don’t like your friend, just ignore them instead. It’s your own choice you know?”. I mean, what?! You don’t need to read tarot cards if you’re just gonna advice people to stay away from someone who they’ve had a argument with or similar, now do you?! So that annoyed me. If you don't want feedback, don't ask for it...

The readers you have met seem to be the type who play a role, like Etene wrote above. :/ The second one sounds like a really bad "cold reader" lol.
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