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One of the worse readings I've ever had was from a friend's husband. She said that he was a brilliant reader but was getting very down at the lack of customers.
I said that I'd have a reading and went round. He read with the Osho Zen and used a spread called the bow. He just talked at me, wouldnt let me query anything and seemed to want to see the negative in everything. He also tried to veer off into mediumship but I couldnt recognise who he was talking about.
When he had finished I thanked him politely for the reading and he got very grumpy and said he couldnt see why I was ' happy, there were a lot of bad cards in there'. I was quite taken aback. He talked about how he had done lots of readings/mediumship demonstrations for other people where he lived previously and seemed very proud when he told me that 'By the end of the evening they were all in tears'.
A friend had a reading with him and said that he pointed out every negative aspect of her life and she came away feeling totally depressed about it all but with no idea of how to go about fixing anything. She also felt upset that he had launched into some mediumship without asking her which left her feeling more churned up because it was so unexpected.
Needless to say, we both binned his business cards...
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