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....And then there was the reader at a psychic fair a few years ago who was sat there with 3 different decks on the table, smart business cards etc really looking the part. I sat down, she shuffled one of the decks (RWS, I seem to recall) and started to lay them out. She told me she didnt allow customers to touch them because 'It will taint the energies of the cards'.
Once laid out, she then rummaged under the table and produced a book, flipped through it and read out the description of the first card, then moved on to the2nd.
At this point I stopped her and said I could read cards for myself at home with a book.
She got very huffy, swept the cards up off the table and told me if I didnt like it I could go elsewhere. So I did.

I suppose the upside of having a duff reading is that when you get a good one you really appreciate the skill of the reader.
To be fair, I've had more good readings than bad and some that were absolutely fantastic and left me feeling aware of issues in my life and empowered enough to deal with them.
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