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sorry you had such a bad reading Aunty Anthea

My worst ever reading was by someone who kept saying they could feel my negative energy attacking them, oh it's so hard to carry on the reading, oh the energy! It was in text online and it was worded just like that, how they felt attacked! They even took a break and came back to the reading and found it so difficult and they were drained of their energy. When I received the reading I cried, I was in a very vulnerable place at that point and I asked for a reading really that things were going to improve.

I was pretty new on AT then and sent the text of the reading to a friend on here I trusted who was an experienced reader and they thought it was awful! They also looked through the nasty stuff impartially and asked the question, is it accurate? When I put aside my upset it wasn't! It was a load of rubbish and I think the negative energy really reflected the place the reader was in, not me! It was a negative reading in tone as well.

The person later apologised!
The reading was particularly nasty because it made out that I was attacking them or my energy was so bad, so it made me think that I was cursed or sending out negative energy when I actually try to approach the world only with kindness. There was no malicious action on my side here. Ultimately this reading was a "harsh truth" type reading with no filter but I didn't expect or ask for that type of reading, it was also completely wrong and so I am not sure why they felt "attacked" by me. No one else ever has!

However this was a really important lesson in my tarot learning beginning stages. Getting a reading means the reader can literally tell you anything and so it might not be nice or helpful. I always remember that now and am more careful! It also taught me to always treat every person I read for with sensitivity! Even if I felt attacked by a sitter, I should word it better than what happened in that situation. It was a truly awful reading which was insensitive to someone going through a difficult time Always be sensitive to the sitter, even with a harsh truth reading but check they actually want the harsh truth!
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