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Wow, some pretty bad readings here. Be grateful if you didn't have to pay. I had a bad reading too, and it cost me $40 USD!

Several years ago, a friend of a friend of mine had a tarot party. She hired a professional tarot card reader to give all of us gurls readings. We had to pay for it, though. I was young and green, and knew almost nothing about tarot. But I was curious, so I paid the $40. After all, I thought, this was a tarot card reader. She should have access to all kinds of secret, mysterious knowledge.

At the time, I was involved in a casual relationship. So I asked the reader if it would turn into something more serious.

She used the Rider-Waite, and a Celtic Cross spread. She looked at the cards a minute, and then asked me, "What's he doing with his hands?"

I had no idea why she would ask this. I found it odd that she saw anything to do with hands in the cards. I explained that he worked with camera equipment. "Oh OK," the reader said, and then looked at the cards a little more. So I asked her again what were the chances of a serious relationship with my current beau, and her answer was, "Give him time." That was all she said.

So we sat there for a few seconds, and I asked her if that was a yes or a no, or whatever, and she just repeated, "Give him time." And that was it. She said it with an air of finality, as though That Was The Reading.

Then she said to me, "Do you have any other questions?"

Huh? She didn't even answer the first question! I just said No.

I didn't know how to handle it. Not knowing anything about tarot, I assumed that that was what a tarot card reading actually WAS. Just a few cryptic words, and no more. The Great Oracle Has Spoken. Now Be Off.

Now, years later, I realize that this woman was a total know-nothing and a charlatan. A good reading, especially one that involves as many cards as the CC spread, should consist of more than three words. And repeating the same three words a second time doesn't count.

Anyway, my relationship fizzled out instead of getting serious. Meantime, I've learned a lot about tarot. I've learned enough to be able to recognize a quack. Especially an expensive quack.
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