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My worst tarot reading was years ago when I was still using the Morgan Greer. There was a new show on satellite tv that used psychics and tarot readers and they encouraged you to phone in, I think it cost a couple of pound at the time, and they would give you a two card daily. Very quick readings but I noticed the reader was using the Morgan Greer so I phoned in, left my message asking for a daily reading. Well when they did your reading your name came up at the bottom of the screen so I watched for a good half hour then my reading came up.

She shuffled really well and pulled two cards - Death and The Tower. The look on her face was totally priceless, the lady presenter who was with her didn't know what to say. Up until then all the readings had been bright and breezy. To be honest, there isn't much you can say about Death and the Tower in a two card reading lol - and the tarot reader had absolutely nothing to say apart from oh dear and sorry and that was it she moved on. I never phoned the show again after that. lol
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