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I've only had 2 actual paid face to face readings and I probably will not have any more.

Shortly after I started learning to read cards, I went to a psychic fair where you get 2 readings for $20. I went with the intent of finding out how real readers read. The first reader called my name and I almost jumped out of my skin. I had the idea she was going to read my mind or something and I was very, very nervous. I thought she would be able to see my deepest darkest secrets...I didn't know...We sat down at a small table and she began to comment on my hair, my jewelry, my outfit, etc. I wasn't dressed any particular way but she went on and on flattering different things about my appearance. I found that extremely odd. Then she got to the "Tarot Reading"but those were not Tarot cards they were angel oracle cards. I really have no connection with angels and did not want all of that fluffy bunny stuff. She asked my birth date and I knew by what she said was just going off numerology and the general characteristics of Pisces.I was not impressed, because I had come to get a TAROT reading...she was listed as a tarot reader. Finally she said she had a "Crystal" deck and asked me to shuffle the cards and pull one. I pulled Flourite. She left the table for a minute, handed me a book and said for me to read the page about Flourite!!!

So, I went to the next reader who did some palmistry first and she was really great with it, but when she got to the cards I couldn't relate to anything she said.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I thought even at my early stage of reading I could do better than those 2 did.
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