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Where do I start...?

Many years ago when I first started reading tarot I went to a really old woman who was well reputed. She told me she had a very old deck of Russian cards & she didn't really need to look at them, just lay them out & she would get information. She lay them out, then began telling me of my life as a priestess in the temple of Bast, how I would work in PR, & told me I would have 3 children. Then she proceed to roll her eyes back in her head & started to speak in a really low growly mumble while pawing at the cards as if looking for something, the way she mumbled & carried on I honestly thought she was going to throw up over her cards!!! Then as suddenly as she did it she stopped as if nothing happened & carried on talking. She then insisted I stroke a black cat button she had stitched onto a piece of cloth...

Needless to say nothing she said unfolded - I have 1 child & work as a reader... Wonder if that's PR...?
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