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Originally Posted by Disa View Post
Then she got to the "Tarot Reading"but those were not Tarot cards they were angel oracle cards. I really have no connection with angels and did not want all of that fluffy bunny stuff.
I used to own these Angel cards and my impression of them is they are terrible, fluff, lack any real substance. They are just affirmation cards really, you can't glean anything from them. I cringe everytime someone tells me they've booked a reading with someone who uses Angel cards. Maybe I'm judging too harshly here but my impression is that these are decks most people start on when they have no idea about divination and are just starting out with the New Agey thing. Most people I know who are into divination seriously progress off them very quickly.

So saying all that, I've given a few bad readings here. Not intentionally but I ended up just reading myself instead of the sitter. The trouble is I can't tell in the moment that's what I'm doing. It all feels the same but then the feedback comes through that it's really off. Hmmm....I got some advice on how to prevent that in the future. Yeah.....embarrassing.
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