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I had a really bad reading back in August.

It took place in the botanica next door to my apartment building. As someone who both just moved into the neighborhood and who practices both hoodoo and the Catholic faith, I decided to take a look and check out their oils and novena candles. Well, at the time I was specifically looking for a Saint Martha candle, and the only one they had was for the "black Saint Martha", the voodoo Lwa named Lubana who has absolutely nothing to do with hoodoo. Many botanicas put her candles and statues in stock, mistakingly assuming that she's the same St. Martha who's used in hoodoo- she isn't. But anyway, I was already annoyed enough with this major league screw up, so I figured I'd "test" the owners of the shop by asking what kind of offerings St. Martha likes. The male employee, a large Dominican-American man wearing a snapback, then said, "Well, she likes candles." Um, no sh*t. I was asking about offerings, stupid. Anyway, he then coerced me into having my cards read by the woman who owns the store, a young Dominican woman who looked to be barely over fourteen (she was actually a lot older though). He said if I paid $20 to have my cards read, he would "bless" my candle for free. I went with it and quickly regretted it.

The woman, dressed in a t shirt and jeans, then wrapped some absurd red cloth around her head, touched a rock and a couple of saint candles, and then proceeded to give me a reading with the Baraja Espaņola, a Spanish fortune telling deck of forty cards. As she read for me, she seemed like she honestly didn't know what she was doing. I kept asking her questions, and instead of reshuffling and drawing more cards, she kept staring at the ones she had already drawn, looking for answers there. First she asked me my then-partner's name, and when she heard his very heavily hispanic name (like his name is really, really as hispanic as it gets), she automatically claimed that he was "immune" to brujeria from me and that he had an ex who was already working on him. She then said that because I'm clearly not hispanic, that my magic wouldn't be strong enough and that there was no chance. It's as if she believed that only hispanic people can do magic successfully. What a crock of poop. When I asked her if there were going to be other men in my life, since I supposedly had zero chance with this one, she pointed to the two court cards she had already drawn earlier and said, "Yes there will be others" with a smirk on her face.

I then left with my "blessed" candle. Honestly I think that all they did was rub it with their mass produced oil and then BAM threw some glitter on it. I never went back into that store, even though I have to walk past it every day.
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