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Fun thread, and I'm getting a lot of laughs here because some of it is so fitting to my experiences, too.

I've had some memorable bad readings! I remember there was one reader (who came recommended) and who claimed to be a medium and clairvoyant. In response to my question about what she saw re: a new job I had interviewed for, she began this routine of just staring off silently into space, then would say every few minutes "Hold on, hold on, it's coming in more clearly now..." and then would stare off again into space for another few minutes. After about 10 minutes of this, she finally came back into focus to look me in the eyes, and said "ok what I got is a Yes, Yes, you will get this job". And that was pretty much all she had to tell me! I kinda rolled my eyes at this point and shook my head, and decided to end the reading since it became obvious to me that she was just interested in collecting my payment!

And no, I did not get the job that I had asked her about.
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