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My worst reading...

A pervy guy who wanted to talk about my sex life. He kept calling me "Jacelyn"??? He said, "Jacelyn, you are very promiscious and will end up with stds." Um...I had only had sex with one person and even THAT had been 2 years before the reading. He kept askng me "Why do I get the idea that you are VERY adventurous in bed." Um...again ONE person...not adventurous.

Oh and my question was "How does my financial future look?" Maybe he thought I should be a prostitute?

As I was leaving, he asked if he could hug me so that he could soak up my vibrant sexual energy. sex in my life at this time at all. I said no and walked out...and oops, I forgot to pay. I later told the shop owner. He was appalled and never invited the guy back to read there again.

And hooray...still std free 17 years later. what a dick!
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