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Since I realize my last story was more about a bad psychic, not tarot reading, here's another story that actually has to do with a bad Tarot reading

I was always curious about psychic storefronts, the type where you see the sign outside advertising 'Tarot Card Readings for $10', etc. There are a few spread out around where I live, but growing up I'd heard and read so much negative feedback, and picking up too that it didn't feel right, I never went inside any of the shops. But all along, I was reading tarot for myself and friends, and remained curious.

Then I began working a new job in an area that was, for some reason, packed with these psychic storefronts. There was one in particular that I passed every day on my way home. My curiosity finally got the best of me, and I decided to go in and see what it was all about.

I stepped into a cramped, dark entrance and was met by a woman who motioned for me to sit in this velvet-covered chair by a small, circular reading table. As she sat across from me and asked me my question, she began to spread out a few cards. I can't remember what my question was, or even which deck she was using. But I do remember feeling like something was really off, since she felt to me very calculated, like she was sizing me up. I know I was also on the defensive, and I was checking her out as well!

At some point during her reading, she began to talk in a way that sounded rehearsed, about how I had a lot of negativity around me, and how she could help me remove it. Did I want her to help me, she asked? No, I shook my head, and all my walls went up. She asked me again, but realized that I wasn't buying into it, and the reading ended at that point.

So yes, a wasted $10, but my curiosity satisfied, I guess!

ETA: the 'psychic' storefronts I'm referring to have nothing to do with reputable New Age shops. I think one of the main agendas of these 'psychic' storefronts is to lure you in with the promise of a cheap reading, to then snag you into a moneymaking scam.
Then there are New Age shops, which are real stores that may also sell crystals and various items like books, jewelry, etc. and may even have authentic tarot readers available by appointment. I have gotten tarot and rune readings at 2 New Age shops, and they were both on target, authentic and reasonably priced. And at no point did they mention 'negativity that they could help me remove if I paid them more money'!
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