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I've worked on a psychic line & those can be a real lesson on humanity & boundaries...

A client firstly tried to control the reading by telling me how incredibly sensitive she was, so any messages would need to be delivered in a manner acceptable to her sensitive state. She proceeded to argue & debate & twist my words & grew frustrated when I refused to be manipulated; she then demanded a time frame for certain events taking place, so I told her my thoughts on timing & potential shifts in outcomes depending on actions taken.

Some time passed & she phoned again, telling me how terribly insensitive she felt I had been when we last spoke, & demanded a reading - once again reminding me of how incredibly sensitive she was, I declined to work with her & recommended another reader, so she argued the point & insisted I read for her & the manner in which my work was to be done - this time around I explained that readings don't work that way & gently refused.

After 3 months she called again & told me immediately how inept & insensitive she felt I was, however she was willing to work with me, once again I refused & hung up...
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