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Originally Posted by decan View Post
I am not an unswerving defender of the Universal Waite and a critic of the Centennial Waite. Of course no!

I hope Waite wasn't a bore but a pleasant. All details are important according to me!
He is generally regarded as pompous or pretentious, but I think that can be explained by his being a bit defensive about his educational background. His mind was certainly unusual. He had a photographic memory, and at times he seems to lose sight of what's important and what isn't.

Regarding details in the deck. I think the reason we are supposed to discuss the "original" Rider-Waite is probably because of those little details that may be left out of some of the copies of the deck by other artists. I don't know much about the Radiant because I don't own it, but I do have the Universal. I think maybe Mary Hanson-Roberts should have shown a little more respect for the deck she so painstakingly copied. If she had read a little about the deck, she would have known about the Tetragrammaton in Temperance. It is not really a minor detail, being the personal name of God. As you probably know, the word was regarded as so holy that people avoided using it for fear of taking the name of God in vain. Hence the pronunciation was totally forgotten, and the best we can do is guess what it might have been. At least we know the basic spelling.

By the way, I'm not a purist, and I don't belong to any so-called Golden Dawn organization. Purists give me a headache. They used to control the Tarot de Marseille forum, and they were like totally closed-minded religious fanatics. Scary they were!
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