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Originally Posted by decan View Post
I knew there are these letters on the chest of the Temperance card, but concerning the letter on the wand of the Magician I didn't know.
These are little details, maybe significant, but perhaps more for purists or for people in the Golden Dawn.
In any case I think that it could be better to buy the large centennial Waite deck to see clearly all these details on each card.
The advantage concerning the Universal deck is the clarity of the pattern, even though some details aren't there.
Interesting thread!

Edit: I checked the sizes concerning this deck (the centennial version) and it isn't larger than the modern Waite deck, but there is a version in a tin which seems smaller.
A version a bit larger than the modern Waite would be nice, to see all the details.
There is a Giant Rider Waite deck put out by USG.
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