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The colours of the modern Rider Waite have always bothered me, especially the yellow but I didn't realise until I saw that video that the colours had changed so much over the years.

The so called Original was just too dark in colouring for me, and I didn't like the limited colours used, and some of the black outlining just about obliterates the artwork on some of the cards. I have modern variants of the RWS - the Radiant, the Universal, the standard, the Original and none of them really did it for me.

My favourite now is the Centennial, it just about ticks all the boxes - the cardstock, the backs, the font used and most importantly the colouring. If I'd have had this deck first then I would never have bought the other RWS's and I would have stopped looking and the mini version is just about perfect too. I will say though that if you can put up with multi-languages then LoScarabeo also put out a nice version of the PCS with colouring that is just slightly different to the Centennial.
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