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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
In this card Waite calls the lemniscate a symbol of life but in the Magician he calls it a sign of the Holy Spirit. I tend to believe in both cases it represents Divinity.
Waite calls the lemniscate an “Eternity of attainment in the spirit.” PKT.

The lemniscate describes the path of planets when they appear to circle the earth along the ecleptic. This figure, from above, appears as an open circle but, from the side, as two loops. It signifies the two in one or the continuity between dualities. It can also be seen in what’s called an analemma, the North/South declination of the sun shown by its incremental daily movement at the same hour through each day of the year.

Photos of the sun at the same time throughout the year:

Strength forms the octave of the Magician and shares with the Magician the symbols of the lemniscate and red roses.
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